Three guys, one at a time, fucked me.

When I got to their room, two guys and a couple were already naked and going at it.

The two singles were on the bed with Ted's wife while Ted was recording the action with his iPhone.
Another was just coming out of the bathroom.

Ted noticed me first. "Well. Glad you decided to join us." he said.
I pointed to the others on the bed, "Me too." I said, holding my skirt high enough to display my readiness.
Ted's wife rushed to my side and helped me discard the few items I was wearing.
Taking hold of my wrist, she kind of danced me to the side of the empty bed.
Ted's wife returned to who she was with on the opposite bed.
I crawled up onto the bed, laid my head on the pillow and opened up to be taken.
I took hold of the first cock that was offered to me and pulled it to my face.

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