House party. Couples only invited.

We had a chance to chat with several couples. Most were a bit younger than I. My BF took a liking to Kathy. I figured she
would be the type he would pick. Her husband seemed a bit shy. Neither he or I got involved into their conversation.
It was Kathy who boldly asked, "do you want to find a bedroom?" My BF looked at Kathys husband and replied, " we swing together."
"Of course." her husband replied.
My BF and I followed Kathy down the hallway to an open bedroom door. We all stepped inside and Kathy shut the door.
Kathy's husband was looking me up and down and then over to my BF. My BF gave him a little nod. That was all he needed.
He leaned in to kiss me and brought his hands up to my breasts. Then his hands were all over me. He moved one hand down between my legs.
He quickly realizes how wet I was. "Fuck." That was all he whispered as he stuck his finger inside me. He started fingering me.
Then he would stop to feel my body. I could tell he wasn't sure what he wanted to do. Like a kid in a candy store.
His hands would move from my tits to my ass and back down to slip his fingers in some more. He finally kept fingering me when
I let out a little moan. Then he turned me around. He unzipped my dress and slid it off of my shoulders. I looked over at Kathy.
She had a big smile on her face. My BF nodded at me and whispered, "enjoy." Kathy's husband turned me back to face him.
As he kissed me, I was walked backward till I fell onto the bed.

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