It was approaching midnight. Several of the guests had already left.

I had stepped outside on the back deck for a smoke. Adam was standing just off to the far left corner.
I nodded to him as I lit my cigarette.

The party was almost over. Several of the couples have already gone home. I was there as one of the three single males
who were invited. I don't consider myself as being shy, but I also don't want to seem pushy towards the together couples.
I wait till one or more of the girls approach me before even having a conversation with them. More often than not, the husband
will chat with me while his wife stands with us in silence.

On the back deck, Adam asked if I could share one of my cigarettes with him. He and his girlfriend had traveled from NYC
for the party. The conversation was mostly about the NY parties they have attended. "Better than here in upstate?"
I asked. He nodded his head as he asked, "What about you? Did you score tonight?" I lied in my reply, "I did OK."

He had finished his cigarette. As he stuffed it out in the ask tray he asked if I would like to meet his girl.
We went back into the house and I followed him to one of the bedrooms. Inside his girlfriend, Gembira was resting
- sleeping - kind of passed out on the bed. I got his complete assurance that she will be OK with me taking her.

Two weeks later I received this photo with a DVD.
She wrote, "Thank you." on the back of the photo.

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