Private motel room party.

I asked my wife, "What type of sex would you think about but never try?"
She gave me a short list.
Two items on her short list that turned me on were:
Her being with a Black male and being the center of a gang bang.

In all of our time together we have been equal partners in everything BUT our sexual relationship.
If left to her we would never step outside of what others believe to be normal, vanilla sex.
We have been to three club parties and she enjoyed them.
When I asked about fulfilling my fantasies, they put us intouch with the Alexa Group.

I alone had a meeting with a member named Artie Jessup. aka 'AJ'.
He is a single male with in the Alexa's group. He also conducts motel room parties for Couples and Singles. He calls them 'theme parties.'
I explained to him that we have enjoyed the BBW parties but I want to set up a special party for Conchita.
Our interest is a couple of black males for her.

This video clip was taken at 1:20 AM Sunday
morning, as we were about to leave for home.

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Saturday night, part #1.       Saturday night, part #2.

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