Sexual assault is common at college parties or any other party.

Date rape: Single females do NOT need to join our group to get laid!
There are lots of non-members, anonymous males on line just waiting to meet you.

As many as one in four women experience unwanted sexual intercourse while attending college in the United States, and many of these incidents happen at or after parties.
Despite the dangers, most female students choose to attend parties, because partying and having fun with friends is part of the college experience.

The danger of sexual assault arises in part from conflicting expectations between men and women. Female college freshmen come to events expecting to kiss and make out,
but the male students often expect sex. These different expectations of sexual contact can create several problems, especially when alcohol is involved.

In a study that included interviews, focus groups, and observation on a dorm floor, freshman college women said they enjoyed wearing sexy clothes and flirting at parties,
but most of them were not interested in casual sex. The male college students thought women were looking for sex partners. The majority of sexual assaults involve alcohol.

There are men who think it is OK to have sex with a woman who is very intoxicated, even passed out. Some male students systematically take advantage of college parties
situations to coerce or manipulate women into sex. Knowing the techniques of these party rapists can help women avoid them.

(1) Alcohol. Party rapists use alcohol or date rape drugs to undermine women's ability to resist sex. Party rapists also target drunk women because they are more likely to
blame themselves, are likely to lack credibility if they report assaults, and may be unable to remember a night's events clearly. Watch for men who pressure you to drink
or seem overly enthusiastic about getting you drunk. Be careful with mixed punches or jungle juice. Their contents and alcohol volume are often a mystery. Don't leave
your drink unattended. Never leave a friend alone when she's had too much to drink.

(2) Divide and conquer. Party rapists target women who are alone and try to separate women from their friends. Make arrangements with friends to stick together and agree on
when to intervene if things look like they are getting out of hand. Many women said they had the most fun when they went to parties with a mixed group of guys and girls.
Their male friends could 'run interference' if a guy was making someone feel uncomfortable. Stay in a public place like the dance floor or seating area, and stay out of private rooms.

(3) Disorientation. Party rapists target women who are disoriented and try to put women in unfamiliar situations. Know where you are and how to get home. You don't want to get
a ride somewhere and then not know how to get out. Stick a campus map in your purse and bring cab money so you don't have to rely on someone you don't know to get you home.
Trust your instincts. If a guy seems like a creep, he probably is a creep. You don't have to be nice to him! Forget about being polite to someone who is making you feel uncomfortable.
Women who are assaulted are often blamed for choices they've made. It is never a woman's fault when she is assaulted.

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Similar story:
One of my GF told me she had been invited to an Alumni Party. She offered to arrange a blind date with an Alumni for me to attend.
Together we reviewed the Alumni website. The website notice:
" The State-mandated bans on gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty about when those bans would end will prevent
the Spring gala from being held this year. Therefore the typically live auction would be held at this event."

After three 'RedCup" drinks, I agreed to be auctioned but I'm not on birth control. "I always use protection!"   Launch full screen

One couple's story:
Our first private sex party.   Couples and invited singles house party. My girl

Similar story:
My GF and I spent hours at the Hilltop Bar. From the bar I had agreed to spend the night at her home. I don't remember leaving the bar.

I woke up naked in the basement family room.   Launch full screen

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