Sponsored males:

Many males would like to join our group and attend our events without a female partner.
But before doing so, they want to know the female to male ratio.
They want to know the ages of those who will be attending and of course
they would want all the females to be of normal height & weight.

We can understand their concerns. The couples and single female swingers share the same concerns.

The problem is, I never know who will be attending the party you choose to attend.
I also can not promise a sexual experience with the person you find attractive.
Everyone has the right to say, " no thanks."

Single or married males swing alone, all have posted profiles on the various contact boards.
None claim to be a virgin. They claim to be swingers and have participated with single females
and some couples. Some express they can 'party' all night and list the sexual things they 'love to do.'

If that is the case, then I am sure they can get at least one current female friend to sponsor
them into our group.

  • If you think you would be an asset to our group, I will give you a
    Temporary 60 day membership with full access to our private webpages.

    Request a Membership as a single male.

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