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First meeting suggestions. What to wear and what do we bring? That is everyone's first question. Keep in mind, everyone is seeking others that are 'open minded, neat & clean.' Your sexual arousal should starts at home. In both sexes, arousal is a response to thoughts of being presented with new stimulus. We are a private group of adults that promotes Negotiated Sexual Encounters. Always dress-up as sexy as you dare. Dresses or skirts will make everyone wonder what is under the skirt. [ Panties optional :) ] Guys do well in slacks and open sport shirt. No matter what size or age, most members enjoy looking as sexy as they can. If you plan on taking part in the party that will follow, guys like to relax in silk shorts, briefs or shower wraps about their waist, while the girls slip into revealing lingerie. You'll want to bring a towel and condoms for the bedrooms.