Name: Stone Strong E-mail: Date Posted: 19:05, 08 05 2017
Shared Link: Question: Do you advertise or write about Desire Resort on your website? I did not see any ads for their clothing optional resort or nude cruises. The topic would entice readers to your site. You could also ask your members to sign up through your link if they are traveling to Desire Resort.

The reason I am writing is I am looking for websites that would like to join their affiliate program. We advertise their resorts and have made sizable commissions from guests that book a stay with them. They pay a 10% commission for completed stays. The resort rooms start at over $600 per night. So if someone books a week stay at the resort (in the basic room) you would make a minimum of $420.

They recently started a new affiliate program where they are allowing their affiliates to recruit new affiliates. We would get credit for referring you to them. Please consider signing up and advertising their links on your website.

Here is the link to their affiliate program. Please take a moment and check it out.

Name: Thomas & Carm E-mail: Date Posted: 13:19, 10 29 2014
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He video that encounter.

Name: Robert McGinley E-mail: Date Posted: 22:24, 08 06 2014
Shared Link: NASCA International

Name: Bob lalas E-mail: Date Posted: 02:54, 06 23 2014
Shared Link: I thing this site is doing some new and interesting things. Keep it up.
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Name: Camisetas E-mail: Date Posted: 08:36, 11 29 2011
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Name: Sundstedt E-mail: Date Posted: 09:58, 10 13 2010
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