Name: Erich Mattice E-mail: Date Posted: 21:18, 04 16 2019
Message: hi there how are you all doing I am a SWM and would love to be sponsored I am retired from the US Army so i know and understand discretions and respect as was as no means no

Name: Luis E-mail: Date Posted: 10:22, 12 24 2017
Message: I would like to be sponsored for one of the female members, I'm 28 yo thank you! And Merry Christmas

Name: Carrie & Chaz E-mail: Date Posted: 12:46, 11 15 2017
Message: Our message to our friends and current members. My husband needs help moving some large items into our new home.
Location: From Schenectady to Delmar.
Date & Time: Saturday November 18, about 10:am.
We’ll have coffee & donuts for breaks.
I’ll make myself available after the heavy lifting is done.

Name: Ray E-mail: Date Posted: 07:37, 10 30 2017
Message: 30yo white male would love to be sponsored if intrested in learning more please let me know.

Name: Ray E-mail: Date Posted: 13:23, 10 28 2017
Message: Hi i am a 30yo white male virgin who would like to be sponsored. Anyone willing to help me out?

Name: John E-mail: Date Posted: 14:50, 07 31 2017
Message: Hi can I just send cash to ms.alexa4fun?

Name: Enrique E-mail: Date Posted: 05:31, 06 13 2017
Message: Hi everyone? Single BBC male looking for sponsorship.

Name: SandL E-mail: Date Posted: 19:04, 05 06 2017
Message: Hi! We are a Mid 20's couple that would love to join in on the fun. Your username is touchtaboo on lovevoodo. Check us out. Hope to hear from someone soon!

Name: Timothy E-mail: Date Posted: 16:00, 02 05 2017
Message: Hey! My name is Tim. I'm here looking for some fun. Trying to join.

Name: Joe E-mail: Date Posted: 07:52, 01 28 2017
Message: Hi, I am very interested in joining this group as a sponsored single male. I filled out the application when will I hear back? Very excited for this journey.

Name: Matt E-mail: Date Posted: 16:41, 12 07 2016
Message: Hello, I am a young college student that goes to school in Albany. I am looking to get into the lifestyle as a single male and would love to introduce myself to a couple. I will send whatever pictures you like. I am attractive with an athletic body as I work out often and regularly.

Name: Peggy E-mail: Date Posted: 12:04, 08 02 2016
Message: I'm probably considered a hungry cougar at 47, am married to a much older man who has no interest in any of this. That leaves me with even stronger desires. At 47, I work at keeping my 35D-25-36 figure in shape and can still turn heads when walking into a room, dressed or undressed.

I am a former flight attendant, working and traveling now as an on-site insurance claims rep, traveling all over on a regular basic, but can also meet couples & singles privately at our Gatlinburg second home when I am there alone. At 5'3" 105 lbs, and have been told I am not disappointing in person.

Love meeting horny younger men who like older married gals like me. More than one is always fun!

Name: Alexa E-mail: Date Posted: 05:51, 06 09 2016
Message: Reply to ::

If you are seeking a place, that allows 'walk-ins', my group isn't for you.
We are a private membership group and we don't over-load our events with anonymous single males.

You can try meeting through the Non-Members sites.

Name: Richard E-mail: Date Posted: 00:53, 06 09 2016
Message: How up to date is this? Can I start my swing career in person and not through the Internet? I need answers!

Name: Charldine E-mail: Date Posted: 09:00, 02 02 2015
Message: NOTE: Current members ONLY are invited to participate in any of our events.

Name: Alexa E-mail: Date Posted: 08:45, 02 02 2015
What can we do during this snowy month.

Name: E-mail: Date Posted:

Name: dan E-mail: Date Posted: 01:07, 04 10 2014
Message: Hey im 21, stocky broad shouldered construction worker. Im a single guybut would be delighted to join and be found attractive by a member.

Name: E-mail: Date Posted:

Name: Kirk E-mail: Date Posted: 08:45, 05 12 2014

Hi my name is Kirk I'm visit from Jamaica I saw your tri-city bbw and Friends I would like to attend your party I love BBW Women I'm visiting the Albany area March 14 to 18 Some friends of mind from hero ism Jamaica told me about your party Thank you

Name: E-mail: Date Posted:

Name: Sara E-mail: Date Posted: 01:13, 05 27 2014
Message: Hi Alexa, I hope to hear from you soon :) I can't wait to get started ;)

<3 Sara

Name: E-mail: Date Posted:

Name: kevin E-mail: Date Posted: 00:12, 06 25 2014
Message: very nice.

Name: E-mail: Date Posted:

Name: Hoss E-mail: Date Posted: 12:47, 06 28 2014
Message: I would to meet at next party or sooner. Single and unsponsored but would like to meet some members so they could.

Name: E-mail: Date Posted:

Name: christophere to cum to all your parties hun i hope i get to come to this upcoming one E-mail: Date Posted: 16:55, 09 06 2014
Message: man i would love to cum to all your parties i hope to get the chance to cum to the up coming one.

Name: E-mail: Date Posted:

Name: Keron E-mail: Date Posted: 12:32, 11 07 2014
Message: Thanks for the info. Will be visiting Albany tormorrow.IS it close?

Name: E-mail: Date Posted:

Name: kevin E-mail: Date Posted: 18:51, 12 11 2014
Message: Hey
How are you doing ?
I am kevin from new york city
You are gorgeous
I liked your photos you are hot sexy beautiful cute and attractive
let us get in touch

Name: E-mail: Date Posted:

Name: Lanie & Bobby E-mail: Date Posted: 16:16, 12 20 2014
You get the guys and I'll bring Lanie to your fantasy house party.
Would like at least one of the guys to be black.

Thanks Bobby

Name: E-mail: Date Posted:

Name: E-mail: Date Posted:

Name: Alexa E-mail: Date Posted: 18:36, 12 28 2014
Message: We are ready to start the new year with a gang-bang party.
Are you ready?

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