I need to be loved by a man!

I want to be held tightly while being kissed, touched, caressed and stroked.

I want to feel needed and made love to!

Open letter to all members.

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Carman, I am 34 years old.
Three weeks ago I came to Albany for a business meeting.
I have a small business in the field of import & export marketing.
Now I have settled almost all my affairs and would like to meet a man.

I am lonely, I have not been with or had a man for a very long time.
I am so tired of all the long meetings with stuffy old men in dark suits.
I want to be just a woman. Wanna love and be loved.

I told this to my business partner and she decided to introduce me to this group.
I saw the nameless photos on this site, some of you look amazing. To good to be interested in me.
I am writing this open letter and looking at your photos.
I have just showered and sitting here in a white terry cloth robe. Underneath I am totally naked.
I'm cold, I need an 'Armstrong heater' wrapped about my shoulders.
Do you want to warm me with your warm body, hot kisses, and strong hands?
Be warned, I get turned on easily. I get overly passionate and I crave more.

Write to me. I will reply with my E-mail address.
Tell me how you would make love. Maybe you want me to caress your dick with my naughty tongue
until you finish? Share your fantasies, and I will write to you about my own.
Besides several grey business suits, I do have a very beautiful and sexy dress, in case
you want to take me out. I want you to see me in this dress. I want to meet you, and when
we get back to my place,I want you to take this dress off me!

I'll be waiting for your message, dear.
Love, Carman


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